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Company cultureCULTURE

Lantan flag is red and black icons with white lettering composite.
Black icon is "L" uppercase, with white letters on the back of a combination of a company name, namely "LANTAN" shorthand.
Icons such as ladder-type whole, symbol of the company unlimited opportunity for development, it is very rich three-dimensional, on behalf of the company's operating areas, structured, balanced development.
Red: the team positive, confident and optimistic.
Black: View the chemical industry, scientific rigor.
White: Employees pure, selfless dedication to customers.
The overall design is compact, naturally handsome, rich strength and flavor of the times, a symbol of Lantan company defying danger and continuously across professionalism.

  • Enterprise Mission

    Technological innovation, the quality of a brand, business integrity,
    Achieve beyond.

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Talent as a fundamental management is the cornerstone;
    Innovation is the soul of integrity for business cards.

  • Service

    Technological innovation, the quality of a brand, business integrity,
    Achieve beyond.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Unity, trustworthy, pragmatic and innovative.

  • Slogan

    Future-oriented world
    Progressive self-transcendence

  • Quality Concept

    Our achievements to verify myth

  • People-oriented

    Humane, harmonization

  • Marketing Concept

    Everything for the customer, for all customers

  • Enterprise policy

    Professional, focused

  • Employing the concept

    Meritocracy, equal competition,
    Basis of merit, two-way choice.

  • Innovative ideas

    Institutional innovation, technological innovation, the concept of innovation.

  • Philosophy

    Social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction.

  • Management philosophy

    To convince the people in Germany, treat the person to the letter, Treat people with sincerity, Appreciating to true.

  • Professional quality

    Dedication, spirit, integrity, selflessness.

  • Business Strategy

    Science and technology enterprises, professional and stronger; Facing the future, to the world.

Recommended products

Lantan Technology: Lantan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development, manufacture and sale of automotive cleaning equipment and beauty products of high technology enterprises. The company has advanced production technology and high-quality personnel, strong technical force. The major products include car wash equipment, car tools, car maintenance, cleaning agents and other products. Present throughout the country and exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Canada, the United States, Panama, Germany, France, Spain and other countries. Abroad has become an influential manufacturers;