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Lantan OMS Operations Management System - Management

Powerful site management functions, the system stores parking under idle conditions and Employees automatically assigned technicians and parking, just by the system will be able to know the background of the case advanced statistical stores management feature allows you to store all of the business data for accurate statistics, keep abreast of material consumption, cycling detailed data such as construction costs scientific marketing management, through the comparison of the data analysis, to help you develop a detailed marketing plan, marketing activities and automatically verify the results of accurate inventory management functions, through a dedicated device automatically out of storage , automatic warning inventory, warehouse unattended detailed staff management function, the value of every employee to maximize the perfect customer management functions, so that every customer can understand your care.

Lan Thai OMS Operations Management System - Ipad order system

Ipad ordering system with back-perfect butt revolutionary IPD sales management system to achieve paperless billing throughout stores, order processing, construction and sales inquiries, customer information access and increase sales presentations and other functions, the sales flow management and access single (bind specifically device enables mobile settlement) just a ipad money with a party in the store at any time anywhere trading system under the ipad ios orders, data can be instantaneous synchronization; ios without jailbreak, U.S. military recognition, we are not safe pursuit of the most high-end we need to meet ......

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